Our Mission

Founded on a desire to transform the way people shop for jewelry, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences for our clients.

Our Beginnings

Immersed in his family’s rough diamond business in Antwerp, Belgium, from a young age, our CEO and co-founder Moti Ferder is a jewelry expert with an intimate knowledge of diamonds and gemstones. Sensing there was an opportunity to innovate within the industry, he established Lugano in Newport Beach, California, in 2004. Offering extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces, building a community around them and, positioning philanthropy at the heart of the business, the company offered a completely new kind of retail experience.


To create exquisite jewelry and curate incredible client experiences that are unparalleled in every way.

Remarkable Experiences

The Lugano community is united not just by the jewelry we wear but by the experiences we share. By partnering with organizations in the equestrian, arts and culture, and culinary industries, we delight in bringing people together to make unforgettable memories.

Remarkable Jewelry

We challenge the status quo of the jewelry industry, thinking without limits and striving for something different and exciting with each new creation. Forging our own path, we push the boundaries of what is possible through our use of innovative design and materials.

Our Jewelry

Uniquely You

Lugano operates without constraints, unbound from strict design principles. As advocates of self-expression, we are free to explore far-reaching influences, experiment with the unique and unconventional, and reimagine classics.

Our Community

Making a Difference

Lugano was established with a commitment to philanthropy and making meaningful contributions to the communities we are invested in. We collaborate with more than 100 non-profit organizations across the US and UK, and invite our clients to join us in fostering lasting, positive impacts.