Innovative Design

We are constantly searching for new ways to push the limits of our creativity. From hidden details to transformable pieces, discover how invention plays a key role in our design studio.

Leading the way with new techniques and technologies, our designers always strive to create something exciting and unexpected. 


An Invitation to Discover 

With each Lugano jewel, there is always an unforeseen detail to admire. Some are known only to the wearer, hidden on the reverse of a piece, while others take innovation to the next level.


Crafting Movement

Our designers pay close attention to how it feels to wear a Lugano jewel. Masterfully executed to express movement, our pieces are silk-like and tactile, full of volume yet beautifully articulated.

​Capturing the essence of its subject, a dragonfly becomes a three-dimensional work of art, thrillingly alive.

Art of the Unexpected

Color, Elevated

Fancy pink diamonds. Spectacular emeralds. Mesmerizing Paraiba tourmalines. We take great pleasure in pairing the most vibrant gems with creative cuts and intriguing materials, such as titanium, to bring out the different hues of the stones.