Design & Craftsmanship

Our design atelier and workshop in Newport Beach are where ideas crystallize into breathtaking pieces of wearable art.

We are one of very few jewelry companies in America to unite designers, gemologists, goldsmiths, gem-setters, polishers and specialists in rare and innovative techniques under one roof.


A Passion for Perfection

Our CEO and co-founder Moti Ferder oversees our dedicated team of stone sourcing specialists, guided by his extensive gemological training and a lifetime of diamond cutting and polishing expertise. With decades of experience in recognizing the quality and innate beauty of precious stones, we are committed to seeking out the rarest, most radiant diamonds and colored gems to add to our collection.


Creative Expression

Our design studio is nestled in Newport Beach, California. Here, our talented designers harness their creativity and vision to create the next generation of Lugano pieces. Guided by Moti's inspirational creative direction, they find their muse in the world's beauty—from art and nature to the array of precious stones at their fingertips and the dynamic Lugano community.


In-house Expertise

In our Newport Beach workshop, centuries-old techniques are complemented by cutting-edge technologies. Our dedication to outstanding craftsmanship is accompanied by a desire to break new ground through our use of innovative materials, with each jewel brought to life by the hands of our master craftspeople.


Color, Elevated

Fancy pink diamonds. Spectacular emeralds. Mesmerizing Paraiba tourmalines. We take great pleasure in pairing the most vibrant gems with creative cuts and intriguing materials, such as titanium and ceramic, to bring out the different hues of the stones.