The Lugano Experience

Bringing people together is what we do best at Lugano. A culmination of years of curating exceptional events, we deliver unparalleled experiences to our clients that transcend the ordinary.

An experience as remarkable as our collection.

Arts & Culture 

A Universal Language

A source of insight, awareness and pleasure, we strongly believe that art should be accessible to everyone. As a major supporter of many Arts and Cultural institutions in the U.S. and UK, we strive to bring inspiration, beauty, and joy to all of our communities.


In the Fast Lane

We have a rich history of celebrating the machines that move us. Remarkable experiences include multi-day classic and supercar tours, complete with luxury accommodation en route, together with test-driving upcoming models—and meeting their designers.


A Culinary Journey

From taking a seat at the chef’s table, where fine dining meets immersive theater, to exclusive galas curated by award-winning chefs, we invite clients to savor one-of-a-kind culinary experiences with us.


Teeing Off

Some of our most phenomenal experiences are played out on the fairway, with clients joining us on some of the finest and most challenging courses across the U.S. 


In the Saddle

As a major supporter of the equestrian world, we welcome friends and clients to world-leading events, taking them behind the scenes and into the heart of the action. Traveling around the globe, our Touring Equestrian Salon visits all the major shows, providing unrivaled hospitality and the opportunity to experience our collection.

As active supporters of many charitable organizations, philanthropy is the foundation on which our experiences are built.


Making Connections

Inherently linked to our philanthropic partnerships, the organizations we work with are at the core of our experiences. Through the communities we have created, our clients and friends can enjoy personal connections with the initiatives we are proud to support.