Kari Dagley

Salon Director, Houston

T: +1 832.341.7883

As Salon Director for Lugano Diamonds, Kari Dagley is responsible for fostering client relationships and ensuring a truly exceptional experience for everyone she serves. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, having previously excelled in business development and VIP client care for renowned jewelry brands and designer fashion salons.

Kari attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, earning a BFA in Communications, Art History, and English. Outside of the corporate world, Kari enjoys immersing herself in books and movies. She advocates for the arts, particularly supporting the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Her dedication to the causes she cares about reflects her commitment to making a positive impact on her community.

Kari’s motto “No Pressure, No Diamonds,” embodies her tenacious spirit and belief in embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and success. This attitude has consistently driven her to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results in her professional career.

Asked where she would live given the choice, Kari envisions Houston in the spring, Colorado in the summer, Europe in the fall, and Kauai in the winter.