Christoph Pachler

Chief Financial Officer

Christoph Pachler brings over two decades of financial leadership experience to his role as Chief Financial Officer at Lugano. With a deep management and analytical background spanning global entertainment leaders to dynamic mid-market companies, Pachler has a demonstrated track record in driving strategic financial initiatives across diverse industries.

Before joining Lugano, Christoph honed his expertise during a 13-year tenure at Sony Pictures Entertainment, where he assumed various roles, culminating in his appointment as CFO of the studio’s fast-growing international TV division. After Sony, he held multiple CFO and COO roles at companies including FaZe Clan, Critical Content, and Icon Holdings.

Pachler holds a business degree from the University of Economics and Business in Vienna (Austria) and a Post-Graduate Degree from the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Outside of work, Christoph finds solace in nature, often indulging in hobbies that involve scaling mountains or skiing down their slopes. His passion for nature intertwines seamlessly with his commitment to sustainability, noting that we must all steward our planet for future generations.

As a leader, Pachler believes in the power of collaboration and subscribes to his personal motto, “No ego. No drama. And always surround myself with people smarter than me.” When asked where he’d live if he could live anywhere in the world, Christoph notes that he remains torn between the natural beauty of the Alps, the cultural vibrancy of London, and the sunny optimism of California.