Australian Ballerina Brooch

  • More than 3 carats pink and fancy vivid pink diamonds
  • More than 1 carat round white diamonds
  • Set in 18K rose and white gold

Elegant, graceful and full of beauty, this four carat Australian Ballerina Brooch is made with all pink diamonds derived from the Argyle Mines in Australia, a precious gem in the mining world.

The Last Dance

Sourced from the now-extinct Australian Argyle Mines, the last pink diamond mine in the world, the pink diamonds found in the Australian Ballerina Brooch are among the finest of the world, featuring the rarest and most exquisite stones. Around 90% of the world’s pink diamonds were found in the Argyle Mines, making the Australian Ballerina Brooch a timeless and unforgettable piece.

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