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Intimate Dinner at the Barclay

May 18, 2022


Lugano Diamonds continues their passion for the arts and for maintaining access to arts programming. In this spirit, Lugano hosted “Dinner at the Barclay” on Friday, April 1 where major donors and sponsors of the Irvine Barclay Theater were in attendance to recognize and honor their support.

Lugano’s jewelry was featured in the Jade Room, where the evening began with a guest reception, followed by a performance by nine-time Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist, Tierney Sutton. The “living room” setting provided an intimate environment that allowed guests to join Sutton on stage while the musical works of Marilyn and Alan Bergman were showcased.

The performance culminated as the curtain on the main stage lifted to reveal a scene of the Hamptons, where guests could enjoy dinner on the sand with images of waves crashing around them.