A Touch of Art

with Jeff Nishinaka

“Lugano is a master creator of art and goes beyond their expertise and supports artists who share that same creative vision of perfection
but in different mediums. It’s been especially fulfilling because Lugano fully understands the creative process and with little direction,
allowing me to create a vision of my own.”

Jeff Nishinaka

The Sun

The sun piece shows the bursting of light and life exploding from the star's center. The energy is blasting outward with enough force to illuminate our remarkable Vivid Orange Diamond Ring.

Ginkgo & Tourmaline

Revered for its beauty and longevity, the ginkgo tree is a living fossil, unchanged for over 200 million years.
Here, reimagined and perfectly placed, the ginkgo leaves
sit alongside a rare and exotic Paraíba tourmaline making for an extraordinary coupling.

"I find inspiration in natural elements with flow and movement, and I try for the most part to stay away from straight lines. The slightest curve will bring anything to life."


Peonies & Butterflies

Precise hand cuts, defined shapes and striking natural elements are at the heart of Jeff Nishinaka’s ethereal paper sculptures.


Water has been an immense source of inspiration for Lugano. Emboldened by the picturesque Lake Lugano of southern Switzerland, a one-of-a-kind ‘gemstone of nature' can now be experienced in our salons across the country.

From Concept to Creation

“I begin with a concept or rough idea, followed by research. I make drawings and choose the best one to develop a more fleshed-out rough sketch. Proceed by cutting and carefully breaking it down into distinct shapes that will be scored, bent, and rolled. After all the pieces are ready and shaped,
I begin the gluing process in complete sections assembled to make the finished sculpture.”


The Hummingbird

A hummingbird is known to keep track of flowers they visited before and perfectly time a flower's peak bloom.
This splendorous paper sculpture showcases this fascinating species in all its glory.

Horse Links

This brilliant Martingale Ring set amongst this one-of-a-kind piece of equestrian-inspired art embodies elegance, radiance, and splendor.