Cortney Guebara

Salon Director

T: 832-540-0078

The Houston Salon Director, Cortney Guebara, brings over 20 years of luxury management experience to her role. Having managed high-end boutiques from the foundation up, including Jimmy Choo, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, and Prada, where she made Texas one of the highest-performing markets in the U.S. region, Cortney has a rich understanding of the luxury market and guest experience.

Cortney was a member of the Stella McCartney Diversity and Inclusion Board, created to ensure each employee achieves their full potential. She has also been named a “Who’s Who” among Executive Professional Women in Texas.

Outside of work, Cortney enjoys spending time with her family and English Bulldogs, baking, and enjoying holiday lights in December. She believes that time is “non-refundable” and works to make the most of each day. She supports and volunteers for charities and organizations that work to end domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness – “one life, one family at a time.”

When asked where she would live if she could live anywhere in the world, Cortney says that having been born and raised in Texas, there’s no place quite like home. As the saying goes: You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas
out of the girl!