Lugano Diamonds Redefines Classic Jewelry

Lugano Diamonds Redefines Classic Jewelry

The beginning of each year brings endless opportunities. This is the year for brilliance and living beautifully in each moment. Be present and celebrate every occasion with Lugano Diamonds.

Lugano Diamonds, best known for procuring the world’s most precious and rarest gems, introduces a new perspective on iconic stones. “Our jewelry represents timeless objects fit for collection but wearable as pieces of art,” stated Moti Ferder, Lugano Diamonds CEO and Design Director.

Sparkling Rose Cut Pear Shape Diamond

Ideal for a luncheon or evening outing, this elegant 3.1 carat Rose Cut Pear Diamond Pendant surrounded by 44 Diamonds adds classic sophistication to your look.

Enchanting Emeralds

It is said Aristotle believed emeralds brought victory in business and good health. We won’t argue with that! From gallery to seaside you will be the envy of every gathering with the meticulously crafted Emerald Three Stone Ring. Flaunting a 2.79 carat Green Emerald enveloped with 1.38 carats of Step Cut Diamonds set on a bed of contrasting Round Diamonds and Green Emeralds, this ring will leave an everlasting impression.

Resolve to Stun

Be there and be talked about when wearing these Lugano Diamonds’ Cushion Cut Sapphire Drops. Breathtakingly beautiful, you will radiate wearing 28.18 carats of Blue Cushion Sapphires dangling from 2.06 carats Cushion Cut Diamonds surrounded with 1.10 carats Round Diamonds. For generations to come, these beautiful earrings will continue to dazzle.