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Moti Ferder Appointed to the National Council for the American Film Institute

Lugano Diamonds’ President and Design Director, Moti Ferder, has been appointed a Founding Member of the National Council for the American Film Institute.  Ferder will serve alongside an exclusive group of filmmakers, business leaders and distinguished philanthropists from across the country to provide advocacy to the non-profit organization, created in the White House Rose Garden in 1965, to recognize the art and artists of American filmmaking next to the great American accomplishments in music, theater, dance, and the visual arts.

“We are excited to announce Moti Ferder as a Founding Member of the National Council,” said Tom West, Chief Advancement Officer for the American Film Institute. “Moti brings the unique blend of artist, business strategist, and philanthropist to the table. His leadership, deep investment of time and support for charitable causes and passion for the art of film is a tremendous asset to our organization.”

Ferder’s strong community involvement has helped raise millions of dollars for many charitable groups throughout Southern California. Lugano has partnered with leading philanthropic organizations, including Beckstrand Cancer Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts and the National Charity League, among others.

“It is a privilege to be invited to serve on the National Council and support the motion picture community,” said Ferder. “I have great respect for filmmakers and their craft. Designing jewelry is an art form in itself, and like a timeless classic movie, it has the power to live on for generations.”

National Council Members participate in annual events and programs that promote an ideal for the art form and its importance to America.  For more information, visit

Born in Israel and the son of a rough diamond trader, Ferder knew early on that he would be in the diamond business. At just 18 years old, and before becoming both a master diamond cutter and Gemologist, Moti served in the army as an officer overseeing 400 soldiers.

Upon completing his military service, Moti went on to travel the world, gaining knowledge of the diamond business and creating contacts that have established Lugano Diamonds as one of the world’s leading cutting and wholesale companies.

In 2005, Lugano Diamonds developed its private jewelry line and opened a retail location in Newport Beach.

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